Sunday, September 26, 2010

A new Saluki!

Salish' Winged Foot (Khayar)
I was devastated when my Saluki Khayar died in a yard accident over two years ago. He had a great temperament and was very beautiful. I had toyed around with getting another Saluki but the timing was never right. Khayar's sister had a litter of pups this past spring and I went over to look at the litter and volunteered to transport some of the pups over the mountains to their new home- one of the pups came home with me and never left. Salish' Scimitar Devil His Due aka Pagan is now a Moonsong pack member.Pagan on his first night home. He feels the Saluki deserves the best part of the chair.

Zooming through the yard- no one is even chasing him! I can't wait to do lure coursing when he is older.
Handsome puppy!
Sacked out after a day of play
Cuddling with Chinook Kila
At 5 months Pagan is looking good! He does not care it is pouring rain
Still soaked but that does not stop him from looking for some fun
Pagan's sister Zenyatta. All the pups were named after famous racehorses. I picked Devil His Due because he was black, raced for several years and competed a long time without using any drugs. He was well known when I was young and just getting into horse racing. Plus the name seemed to fit my precocious puppy!
Pagan's brother Affirmed

Pagan's Second show at the Hound Specialty- he took best puppy and won his class but Winner's Dog went to his older brother from a previous litter, who is the parti male in the middle of the picture. Pagan took Reserve Winner's Dog. The previous week he took Winners Dog over all older open dogs. The following week he went Winner's Dog from the puppy class again. Then it was a break until the Specialty
Pagan is a good ball in the ring and loves showing off- he is always smiling and is very gregarious and friendly.
Standing nicelyYeah! Pagan takes Winners Dog for a major and goes on to take BOW.
Pagan's family won big. His sire( far left) took an Award of Merit, his sister (in the middle) took Winner's Bitch and his brother ( 2nd from right) took Best Bred By in competition. The dam (on the far right) took Select and an Award of Merit. Pagan (2nd from left) is dying to get the toys they are tossing to get the picture.
Pagan likes showing but he is VERY happy to wallow in the mud after a weekend of keeping clean. This is literally 5 minutes after we got home from the show